About us

Creates & Delivers sustainable visual art

TANGENPIREN DESIGN® is a registered trademark in Sweden that has been well established in the market since the start in 2018.

We strive for our art to be sustainable to look at over time, convey emotions, give joy and be decorative.
We think that Posters are art in a excellent, easily accessible form, and an art form for everyone to afford, democratic and sustainable.
We deliver our posters within Sweden. We also sell in Europe and to parts of the rest of the world.

We strive to deliver visual art that is sustainable for the environment, and at the same time sustainable in terms of quality both in terms of paper selection, printing and transport.

The paper that we have been printing on since 2020 is manufactured by Munken Artic Paper in Munkedal, which is Cradle to Cradle Certified®, which guarantees responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing and handling.
Furthermore, it is a short transport distance, 100 km, from the paper manufacturer to Göteborgstryckeriet in Gothenburg where we print our posters.
When the print is ready, the posters will be picked up by us. Gothenburg to Kungshamn a distance of 130 km by electric car.

Göteborgstryckeriet is certified according to ClimatCalc, which means that the printing house keeps track of and can report carbon dioxide footprints (raw materials, chemicals, electricity, heat and freight).

Delivery from us to our customers is handled by Post Nord.
28 percent of Post Nord's vehicle fleet is powered by electricity and they are continuously switching to more.
Postnord's ambitions are to aim for a fossil-free 2030

Bengt Holm, who creates the images, has for many years worked with product production in a design studio.
With his background in the design world, he is used to being careful in his image creation.
Inspired by retro and Swedish poster art, he draws posters of, among other things, familiar environments but also more artistic expressions.
The result is a mixture of old and modern art that is excellent to have in your interior.

Bengt draws in Adobe illustrator.