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About us

It all started with a postcard

In 2013, we registered the company Tångenpirens Konst & Hantverk HB, and we are: Bengt Holm and Ingegerd Ytterland-Holm.

We drew and printed a postcard with local motifs for our summer store where we sell products from small Swedish companies. The postcard became very popular and it did not take long before we received requests to make a poster with the same image. We then had a number of posters printed in the size 50x70 cm and our brand Tangenpiren Design was born.
Today also under the name DESIGN BY TANGENPIREN.

Posters - art in its best form, art for everyone

The great thing about this art format is that you can buy paintings that are very decorative for the home for a relatively low cost. Today we are up in over fifty different motifs and we are constantly drawing new ones.

A poster is best framed

We recommend that the posters are framed, then they will come in handy as a decorative painting. We therefore have the opportunity today to deliver the paintings framed with the poster glued on 2.8 mm cardboard to make the picture smooth. The glass consists of acrylic glass, and the delivery takes place in a special box. You can also buy frames and Poster hangers loose and frame yourself.

The illustrations

My name is Bengt Holm and I live in Kungshamn Bohuslän. I have a background as a boat builder and have for many years worked with product production in a design studio.

With my background in the design world, I am used to being careful in my image creation. Inspired by retro and Russian poster art, I create posters of e.g. known environments.

The result is a mixture of old and modern art that is excellent to have in your interior.

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